Posted on Oct 26, 2018

Philadelphia Massage Studio

Board certified kinesiologist and massage therapist.
I just want to thank all my clients for believing in my approach. Thanks to my family Who never left my side. I finally know why I exist and it’s a great feeling. Within these 12 years I created A successful business in Center City Philadelphia. Along the way I created my own massage technique. Experience for yourself what pain-free really means.
Thanks to having 4 hip replacements and a shoulder replacement. It’s one thing working on a patient. It’s a whole other ball game working on yourself after you just got out of a body cast. I learned that acupuncture & reflexology are all true and Thriving. What I’ve been doing is actually the first form of medications/medical procedures that were From the beginning of time N is still driving.
So thank you to everybody & everything that has guided me towards being at the top of my game as a healer/massage therapist.
It’s an honor that Yelp Recognizes Philadelphia massage studio as one of the best in Philadelphia hands-down. I’ve been massaging solo since 2006. It’s an honor having a 5 Star YELP rating with 31 plus reviews. Please, make your own decision on who’s the best in the city by visiting Philadelphia Massage Studio located in the heart of society hill/Philadelphia located on 4th and South Street.
525 S 4Th St, suite 360, Philadelphia PA 19147 United States
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